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The Grand Hotel De Rose, seaside hotel near Diamante thanks to its location is a favorable starting point for visiting Diamante and beyond

Those who decide to spend their holidays in Calabria, looking for a Hotel by the sea in Diamante, can only consider our structure because it will allow the discovery not only of Diamante but also of the surrounding areas. In 2021 the city was awarded the Blue Flag for its spectacular backdrops. The water is blue and transparent, the beaches suitable for families. Particularly rich in shellfish and shellfish, with rocks of granite nature, the Golden Sand Beach is the most beautiful!

The seaside hotel near Diamante you need! In addition, this town deserves to be visited because its historic center is the protagonist of Street Art, is known as the City of Murals. Its streets, the walls of the houses, are artistically painted by the best artists from all over the world. Since 1981 we continue to paint. Over 300 graffiti made, representing a wave of art and color, emotions and feelings. The old town is therefore considered a real open-air museum overlooking the sea. Your holidays will be special if you are looking for a hotel by the sea that serves as a base and then visit Diamante and all the Calabrian hinterland.

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