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The Island of Dino

When we talk about Dino Island we can only use words of wonder and wonder.
Dino Island is characterized by a unique flora and fauna. To complete the picture we think the crystal clear sea, the white sand and gravel beach and especially the physical appearance of the island.

The Island of Dino, jewel of the Tyrrhenian, is famous mainly for its natural attractions: the size of the island, 50 hectares of vegetation, the imposing cliffs, the many ancient caves and limestone cliffs that plunge into the water

Who decides to plan their own excursions on this island and around it, aboard a boat can admire the coast, the fauna

Among the most beautiful caves of Dino Island:

  • - Monaco Cave, with its emerald green walls
  • - Grotta delle Sardine, so called for the schools of fish that crowd its waters
  • - Blue Cave, so called for the colors that vary from turquoise to blue green
  • - Lion’s Cave, offers the view of a very particular rock, which resembles a lion lying on the water with his head raised.
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